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Adrian Empire
Chapters of Albion-Rayonne, Auroch's Fyord, Cyprus, Esperance, Glynmore, Somerset, Umbria:
The Adrian Empire was founded 27 years ago. Today it consists of 32 chapters from British Columbia to Florida. We are dedicated to the study and re-creation of Western European culture between the Battle of Hastings (the year 1066) and the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England (the year 1603). We re-create the arts, skills, and culture of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
Chapters hold monthly combat, archery, and arts tournaments. Annual "wars" and “collegia” are held Empire-wide. At Adrian events, you will discover historical costume, period encampments, chivalry and honor in everything we do.
Fun Activities to Participate In:

  • Combat, Archery, and Arts Tournaments (Live Armored Combat with real steel weapons, 16th and 17th Century Fencing, Traditional Archery, Historical Arts and Crafts)
  • You can participate in Fun and Educational activities (take the field with the fighters; play historical games; throw axes, knives, hammers, and javelins; take your picture in historical armor and costume; ropemaking, whipmaking, smithing, camp cooking, crafts for kids).
  • Royal Court, Parades, Battle Pageant, Grand Melee

The Duchy of Milan
We reenact the City of Milan, Italy, during the late 15th century. We portray actual people who lived during the highlight of Milan’s rich history highlighting the powerful Sforza family, and the equally powerful d’Este family. Our goal is to showcase the artwork, fashion and cuisine from this very important time in history to include educational activities such as painting, dancing, storytelling and crafting, some of the music from this beautiful era, and share a taste of Renaissance Italy through offerings of meals and recipes that we have discovered through our research. As a guild, we share three core values: Period Accuracy, Education, and Open Arms. Meaning simply, everyone is welcome to play and learn with us, no matter your background, experience, or age. Like anyone who truly loves something, we all strive to share this world that first brought us together.

Fun Activities to Participate In:

  • Story time with Leonardo da Vinci
  • A walk through an Italian Household in the Renaissance period
  • Life Size Checkers and Jenga Style Games; and Face Painting