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Pirate Port

Rogues Cove
The Pirates of Rogues Cove is a non-profit educational and theatrical renaissance re-enactment guild devoted to youth and adult education about pirates and sailors during the Golden Age of Piracy (1650-1725) in a historical learning environment. We are incorporated as a non profit corporation in the state of Nevada. All members are volunteers.

Demonstrations include rope work, knot work, and telling pirate stories to the children. We are best know for black powder, rifle and canon demonstrations as the smell of burnt powder and the roar of the canon is enjoyed by young and old alike. Crowds are educated on what it was like t be a gunner in a cramped and smoky environment land with officers barking orders to go faster with confusion aplenty.

Las Vegas Recreators aka Glass Eye Pub
The Glass Eye Pub is a raucous band of pirates from the Golden Age of Piracy. You’ll see it in our garb & hear it in our lingo, as we regale the crowd with tales & tidbits of our comrades & sailors alike. If ye mind be open to a bit of schooling, then our crew will delight in servin’ up some activities that will tickle the fancy of both young & old. Dice & card games more to your liking? We revel in displaying our skill to the eager eyes of our guests, & invite them to join in on these games of chance. If ye be feeling lucky, ye might just catch a bit of light steel sword fighting if we be in the mood. A wee warning: The owners of the Glass Eye take no responsibility for the actions or inactions of its patrons. Nor do we cover any damages to your person, belongings, or ego. Any damages to the pub or its serving staff will be taken out of your hide however deemed necessary by those who want to do the taking. Oh, and don’t forget to pay your respects to the former owner whose skull now resides on the bar...

Our activities will be held every other hour for an hour. Guests can participate in the following:
Educational Displays
Fishnet Craft
Flag Craft
Hoist the Colors

Friday: 12-1pm, 2-3pm, 4-5pm
Saturday: 11am-12pm, 1-2pm, 3-4pm, 5-6pm
Sunday: 11am-12pm, 1-2pm, 3-4pm

Laughing Dragon Companya
Laughing Dragon Companya (com-pon-ya’) is an education organization depicting the culture of The Traveling People of Europe, both Western and Eastern, from the view point of the Roma (Traveling) people, including the histories the tie into Theatre, Circus, Storytelling and general performance.  Upon request and arrangement, we are partnered with Gypsy Luck Farms to provide for viewing and education, actual gypsy horses known in the USA as “Gypsy Vanner” this is the bread of horse, created by the traveling people to pull the Vardo (Roma for Wagon).
Fun Activities to Participate In:

  • Story time – several times during the day, we tell stories from the Roma perspective, some are unique to the Roma, while others are familiar, but with a Roma Twist.
  • Music – depending or who volunteers for the week end, we have a couple musicians, who play traditional Roma Music, with an emphasis on Roma folk, not Middle Eastern Belly dance
  • Educational banter – at anytime we are ready to answer questions about our clothes,  Bender tents, The Roma culture in general, and the likely tie to certain ‘MODERN’ aspects of Today’s CULTURE
  • Fortune telling
  • Everyday “street” people, and  wandering guild members- Some of guild members “wander” the streets as though they are visiting for the first time, and interact with the paying patrons.
  • Improvisational skits/interaction with other guilds—We frequently interact with other guilds, and invite them come do so to create a spontaneous show.
  • Horses- Although not yet allowed at this event, we have traditional Gypsy Vanner horses, which was a huge part of the Gypsy Culture at this time, we can make them avalible to you.  We bring our own coral and the horses STAY IN THE CORRAL, AND ARE MONITORED BY TOW PEOPLE  AT ALL TIMES. For the entire time we have been doing this, our most traumatic incident is when our horse stole a kids lollypop…….
  • The “5 minute” belly dance lesson- this is very popular.
  • We are always adding more stuff for people to do in our camp.  As we are next to a stage, some of our interactions have been limited.
  • We specialize in improve, and know our cultures and caractures very well, so we can and usually add things on the fly.

Wandering Rogues

The Wandering Rogues, Creative theater and History Guild, Inc. is represented and organized as a seaside village with a large harbor. The village is mythical recreation of a historical seaport village typical of these founded by the Europeans nations throughout the Americas, the Caribbean, Easter and Western Europe from the 1700a.d. – 1850 a,d.
Members of the guild will create and portray character of the village as well as travelers and mariners who frequent the village harbors

Jade Skigh Isle
Jade Skigh Isle focuses on the crafts and trades of everyday life in the late Renaissance age of 1550 - 1650.  We adopt personas portraying how the common lives of a port town would be during a festival. We provide demonstrations, many being hands-on, on pottery, parlor games, calligraphy, merchanting, and more. We even have a "torture" show that is family friendly and fun.

Fun Activities to See and Participate In:

  • Pottery
  • Period Literature Lectures
  • Parlor games including Backgammon, Shogi (Japanese Chess), Chess, Checkers, Dice, Cards (We have 3 period decks from England, France, and Germany), “Jenga”-like block stacking game. Patrons are strongly encouraged to come by, learn to play, learn historic facts behind our favorite games, and/or challenge people to games
  • Torture Demonstrations
  • Belly Dancing
  • Candle making
  • Needlepoint
  • Painting
  • Knot Working

Historical Reenactors aka Drunken Mermaid
The Drunken Mermaid is based on the historical tavern, The Sign of the Mermaid, est. 1685.  The Tavern is located on the corner of Lime Street and High Street across from the Merchant Exchange in Port Royal, Jamaica.

Our goal as a reenactment group is to have fun and educate.  To inspire an interest in history by presenting a living example.  We attempt to create a living demonstration of the customs, dress, etiquette and lifestyles of the privateers, pirates and their associates in Port Royal, Jamaica during the Golden Age of Piracy, approximately 1660-1735.

Fun Activities to Participate In:

  • On Friday (aka kid’s day) at least one workshop to make and decorate their own leather pouch, which will include a game and game pieces.
  • An interactive card game for the kids, on & off throughout the whole of faire.  Small prizes for this!
  • Appalling Pirate Prophecies....a cross between cards against humanity and the tarot.  You don’t want to know this fortune! 
  • The end of many pirates...a Gallows
  • Buttermaking.  Make your own small cup of butter!  Or whipped cream, if your armes are weak and tire easily.
  • Voluntary floggings and dunkings, onging throughout faire.
  • Pirate Yoga - a healthy pirate gets more booty!  For fun and laughs, on Sunday afternoon.
  • Other spontaneous shenanigans as the excuse appears.

Kingdom of Ourrenland

The kingdom of OurRenLand, as legend has it, was founded by our four fathers.  The ship was lead by Captain Kitty and his one legged duck.  They left the lost City of Atlantis to live a life without the rules and laws that made life mundane, and kept the people from finding true happiness.  While looking for a new place to call home, they got lost at sea.  After a terrible stormy night, a fog so thick that they could not see past their noses rolled in.  After 3 days of not knowing what direction they were headed and not being able to see where they had just been, the fog began to lift.

The sun was brighter then they had ever seen, the ocean was a crystal blue color that allowed all to see the while sand miles below.
A few miles ahead of them they saw the most beautiful land they had ever seen.  With high spirits they decided to go ashore and look around.    They found no one anywhere on the land.  After much searching and mapping of the land, that they discovered that they were on a small island.  The island had a beautiful beach on the edges and a wonderful lush green mountain terrain in the center of the island.

Since the island was uninhabited they decided that it was a great place to start a new life.  Our four fathers had decided to leave Atlantis to get away from the rules and laws they sat down and made the only laws of their land:

  • Everyone is to enjoy the short life that they have.
  • Respect everyone’s way of life
  • Everyone is welcome

It is rumored that the island is protected by witches, warlocks and fairies.  Anyone who has tried to do harm to the island or anyone within its protected lands, has disappeared.  We do not know what harm came to them. All we see is the unmanned weathered ship that sails away, off into the open sea.

Since that time, the island has become the home to many pirates seeking refuge, fairies and witches tired of being hunted for who or what they are.  Barbarians tired of being the brute force to help others gain their riches, everyone who is pure at heart has found a home here.

Those who have made it home all work together trading goods and services with each other and those who are just passing by, making the lands of the village a sea port village! To this day no harm comes to anyone who resides on our island!
Stop by to learn about some of the prominent female pirates! Learn a pirate joke, play a game, participate in our crafts or stop by to see our bountiful treasure that we have been known to share a little from time to time! – These activities are going on at all times then check out our scheduled story time, codex lesson and terminology class!

  • A history on female pirates, who some of the more influential women where.
  • Language, How did a pirate talk, what words did they use – basics to get you through faire!
  • Codex, what was it, why was it important?
  • Story time
  • Shanties – we may not sing well, but we sing proud, and a few of them you just might know, so please join in and sing along! 

Battle Wolf
The crew of the Battle Wolf are privateers and mercenaries of the seas.  The Battle Wolf is an armed privately owned vessel commissioned for service loyal to whomever is the highest bidder.  In times of war, we specialize in the capture of enemy merchant shipping.  In times of peace, we specialize in discreet transportation (no questions asked).  No job is too small and no fee is too high!

Fun Activities to participate in:

  • Bad advice pirate booth covering everything from occupational to relationship advice
  • Shanties and sea songs
  • Tour of our encampment and plundered shiny things
  • Big Fish Stories

Clan Darksail

The Royal French Privateers of Clan Darksail™ is one of the largest improv acting troupes of pirates for hire in the Southwest United States.  For nearly two decades they have been entertaining audiences at Renaissance faires, pirate festivals, stunt shows and more.  They have appeared in numerous TV shows such as "Conquest" for the History Channel, blockbuster Hollywood films including "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" and "Master & Commander"; and more recently in promotional films for Ubisoft's hit game "Assassin's Creed 4: Under The Black Flag."  They have also appeared in numerous YouTube and Vine videos for content creators, and are well known through out the reenactment community for their exemplary black powder shows and safety record.  To find out more about this crew, please visit

Also appearing in Pirate Port:

Vegas Vikings