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Royal Court

Kingdom Of Coreathea
We are an tudor/Elizabethan court guild with French influence, that also does fighting demos, historical meals/feasts, teas, and crafts. We have a group that performs historical music of our period as well as dancers and a theatre group. We educate children about our time period, the men do fight a knight (boffer fighting) with the kids through out the weekend, we do audience participation theatre skits and audience participation dances. We host the king and queen of faire for the weekend. We do charity work throughout the year and enjoy working with the children whenever possible, especially underprivileged children or sick children.
Fun Activities to Participate In:

  • Dance Demos and audience participation dances throughout the weekend and host the Saturday evening ball
  • Host the costume contest prior to the ball
  • Fighting demos and Fight a Knight
  • Historical court throughout the weekend
  • Period childrens’ games
  • Provide escorts for the King and Queen of Faire
  • Period music
  • Craft demos

Empire of North Umbria
Icelandic theater folklore told by song. Live steel and heavy combat demonstration and Princess Tea and cookies story time. The Kings Hunt ( Recreation of the nobles invited by the kings hunt down  the great beast of the feast 2pm Saturday, Home of the Varangorin Horde that completes the annual Blood of the Heroes, Hosted by the Black Talon at The Las Vegas Age of Chivalry Renaissance Faire (Blood of Heroes). A full contact, full speed, heavy armored battle royal all for the supremacy of a skull and bragging rights, set in a time where the sword was most definitely mightier than the pen.
Fun Activities to Participate In:

  • Live Steel and Heavy combat demo Friday 1pm to 5 pm
  • Theater and folklore Friday at 2 pm, 6 pm and 8pm, Saturday 1pm, 4 pm and 6 pm, Sunday 1pm, 3 pm and 4 pm
  • The kings hunt Saturday at 2 pm to 3:30 pm
  • The Blood of Heroes Sat and Sunday times set by parks & recs
  • Demos and games are all day activities
  • Princess tea/story time Friday at 4 pm and Saturday at 1:30pm
  • 10 course historical feast Sat evening at 7pm with the Las Vegas Tyko drums performing.

House of Stuart
House of Stuart is a Guild depicting both the time period of Queen Mary of Scotland, to the middle and end period of James the 6th, who later becomes James the 1st of the United Kingdom. We are a Historical re-enactment troupe, who perform with a heavy emphasis on humor and the day to day living of the people in Scotland, to send all whom visit our group away with a bit of knowledge, and a good laugh.
Fun Activities to Participate In:

  • The Washer Women Show performing for kids and adults through the day! Good Clean humor for the whole family!
  • Jokes and laughs for the kids and parents with the despondent peasant!
  • A Kid Friendly Royal Court! Help pass rulings and be knighted for your help!
  • Morning Coffee for Keith!(well anyone that stops by really, but its usually just Keith)

Order of The Azure Rose
The Order of the Azure Rose is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit that educates through entertainment, recreating daily life of a Tudor era Royal Court and Chivalric Order on “progress.” You will find pirates, merchants, knights and nobles among us. Learn games of skill, and what it means to be a knight. Watch our warriors fight alongside the Hoard against the Black Talon in the Blood of Heroes Tournament!